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Comic List

Issue Comic Name Page Link
1 The School of Mystery 1

Hahli Nuva/Riversong may find this useful to list out her completed comic pages.

Magical Traps


Needed Magical Traps

Merchandise Project

For the Merchandise Project there will be different sections.

Merchandise Types

  • Action Figures
  • Amulet Launchers
  • DVDs
  • Miniature Figures
  • Phone Apps
  • Roleplay
  • TCG

Action Figures

Amulet Launchers

Phone Apps

  • Titan Defence


  • Kipperin Powerbonded (Dress-up costume)
  • Willblade (Toy Sword)


Mini Figures (Season 1)

The Season 1 mini figures collection consists of only Draco-Titans, Krono-Titans, Yama-Titans and Litho-Titans. The collection also include Amulet toys which have shaped dents in them to allow their Titan's model to stand supported on them.


Wave One

Wave Two


Ref. No. Titan / Amulet Image Toy Card
01 Albion Albion Toy Albion No. 01
02 Cavalier Cavalier Toy Cavalier No.02
03 Antedeluvian Antedeluvian Toy Antedeluvian No. 03
04 Freelancer Freelancer Toy Freelancer No. 04
05 Kilthane Kilthane Toy Kilthane No. 05
06 Sabriel Sabriel Toy Sabriel No. 06
07 Solwing Solwing Toy Solwing No. 07
08 Madea Madea Toy Madea No. 08
09 Hoplite Hoplite Toy Hoplite No. 09
10 Forest Queen Diana Forest Queen Diana Toy Forest Queen Diana No. 10
12 Icarus Icarus Toy Icarus No. 12
15 Albion's Amulet Albion Amulet Toy Albion Amulet No. 15
16 Cavalier's Amulet Cavalier Amulet Toy Cavalier Amulet No. 16
17 Freelancer's Amulet Freelancer Amulet Toy Freelancer Amulet No. 17
18 Kilthane's Amulet Kilthane Amulet Toy Kilthane Amulet No. 18
19 Sabriel's Amulet Sabriel Amulet Toy Sabriel Amulet No. 19
24 Icarus' Amulet Icarus Amulet Toy Icarus Amulet No. 24
28 Gareon Gareon Toy Gareon No. 28
29 Impet Impet Toy Impet No. 29
44 Gareon's Amulet Gareon Amulet Toy Gareon Amulet No. 44
45 Impet's Amulet Impet Amulet Toy Impet Amulet No. 45


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