In the interest of preserving the accuracy and validity of the Huntik Wiki, I have need of confirming certain information that has been added to the Wiki pertaining to Season 2.

Titan Names

Volcana / Volcanna

Height and Weight

A number of Titans that appeared in Season 1 were given height and weight information on the old A small sample of these Titans were captured as screenshots for reference. If anyone has any information regarding this, the additional confirmation would be greatly appreciated. Please no note, however, that the Huntik Wiki cannot take fan sites as valid sources, though would take the word from the owner of the more major fan sites as none of this information can currently be accessed with the Way Back Machine. Note: this has not been tested regarding previously-created accounts.

Base Stats

Some of the Titans had their stats confirmed in the TV series via Holotome. Many others did not. Also included here are abilities. If a verifiable source cannot be provided, the information added will be removed and any attempt to re-add it without providing a source will be constituted as vandalism.

Titan Type

Many Titans did not have their Titan type and subtype revealed in the series. If an explicit source cannot be found, the Titan's Amulet type will be deemed to be sufficient for anything but a Legendary Titan as Amulet type tends to have a high correlation (I'm estimating 95-99%). If a Titan's type was mentioned in-series, it won't hurt to mention this here as it just further confirms info.

Powerbonded Stats

All Powerbonded stats which were released via Holotome profile in the series have been added. A number of Powerbonded Titans had toys released with cards, and these cards included stat, ability, and type information.

How to make things run smoothly

The purpose of this in-depth info check is not for the purpose of being strict. If something was added based on comparison, you won't be penalized or anything if this is mentioned.

As Titans are sorted through, they will be removed from the above lists within the day as comments are added unless I am unable to. If the list and pages aren't updated immediately, there isn't need to make a second post for the same Titan.

An optional "form" of sorts may be used in the comments section to make it a bit less work in typing and make it fairly easy to go through. If multiple Titans' information is included in the episode, they can all be listed together. One source per, though, please. If the information was based on comparison, unconfirmed may be entered under source.

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Comments that have been handled already will also have the following template added as well as what information could be gleaned.

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