Cherit is a mysterious titan, he has been around since the tians were first called to earth but he's lost most of his memories of that time. Cherit has been constantly invoked for ages and has lost track of his amulet, if he ever had one. He has been seen in a portrait of Lord Casterwill and has even had a flashback to the ancient war. Whats strange is that in this flashback Lord Casterwill calls out Sentengon as if to invoke a titan and suddenly Cherit stands up as if to answer the call. I believe that Cherit never lost his amulet but that he himself is a living amulet for this Sentengon, and when Sentengon is invoked Cherit becomes him. But what titan could be so powerful that in order to keep its amulet safe it has to be its own free thinking titan, perhaps a Legendary Titan so powerful it dwarfs any seen before even Overlos. Could the little playful Cherit really be the world most powerful titan and if so has his friendship with Lok become strong enough to awaken this slumbering power?

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