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Image Policy

Hello, as per the Image Policy of the Huntik Wiki, the Gallery Section of a character's article should typically not exceed 6 images (exceptions to the rule should never exceed 9 images). All other images should be categorized to appear on the topic's separate Gallery Page. The main reasons for this are to prevent duplicate images and to make sure the article is devoted to content. Hope that makes sense : ) You've got some good-quality screens, and I bet a good handful would go great on some of the episode pages.
~ The Lhikan 634 (TaLk) Admin 11:28, December 13, 2012 (UTC)

Shakrit Stats

I would highly suggest not getting into an edit war with an admin, especially without a source. Provide a source from the TV series for Shakrit's stats otherwise your edits to the base stats are nothing but vandalism.

I might should add a bit of a Huntik Wiki history note: during the original days of the wiki, we had a couple users blatantly vandalise most of the wiki. This included changing a lot of Titan stats and making up stats for those who were not mentioned on the show. Most of that vandalism has been caught by now, but bits of it still exist.

Also, with regards to the TCG, what the Huntik Wiki does is use base stats. As evinced even in the TV series, a Titan's attack and defensive abilities can be increased through training. So, with the TCG were used as another source, the lowest set of numerical stats are considered to be the base stats of the Titan.
~ The Lhikan 634 (TaLk) Admin 18:02, December 21, 2012 (UTC)

Images Citations

Hey, when you're uploading images, please also remember to cite which episode they're from in the Categories section as well as selecting the Fair Use licensing. All images uploaded to the Huntik Wiki require this information for legal reasons. Also, if possible, it helps to rename the files based upon their contents. It makes things a bit easier to find later. ~ The Lhikan 634 (TaLk) Admin 16:47, January 3, 2013 (UTC)

Admin Warnings

Please do not ignore policy-oriented warnings from the Huntik Wiki administration given in the edit summaries. It is also bad practice to misuse the Trivia section for a counter-policy edit.
~ The Lhikan 634 (TaLk) Admin 08:54, January 10, 2013 (UTC)

Policy Update


The Huntik Wiki policy section has been updated

The Huntik Wiki policy section and help section have been updated to give a more detailed and up-to-date look at what is common practice on the Huntik Wiki. This message is just to let you know what's been changed. Some more impacting policies are provided in detail below.

Help and Policy Section

Basic Editing
Wiki Policies

Copyright Policy

The Copyright Policy is mandatory to follow. Text may not be taken from another source without express permission, and any such text must be quoted and properly cited. Plagiarized content is subject to removal.

Image Policy

The Image Policy is a subsection of the Copyright Policy and is also mandatory to follow. All images added to the Huntik Wiki, including personal images, must include proper license and source information. Files which lack this information may be subject to deletion.

Titan Stats Policy

The Titan Stats Policy deals with how Titan attack and defense stats are treated on the Huntik Wiki. All stats must be verifiable. Precedence is given to series information. If no series information is present, the lowest stat from the Trading Card Game should be used. If no information is known, no stat information should be added.

Sincerely, the Huntik Wiki Administrative Council:

:: Lhikan634 | Quilafa | Nitram 86 | Seeker11299 :: 03:07, May 15, 2013 (UTC)
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