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Venice Huntik Library
S1E02 Venice Libary
Location Information
Type Library
Levels 2
Location Venice, Italy
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The Venice Huntik Library was built by the Huntik Foundation to house a portion of their books having to do with Seekers, Titans, and magic.


DeFoe realized that the Huntik group would research the journal, so he had his group of Suits find the largest Foundation-run library in Venice. This was so that he could locate the team and then retrieve the book, not to mention to defeat Dante. Dante Vale, Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill, Santiago, and Cherit go there to research the Amulet of Will and they ended up being led to Metagolem and Jodis Lore. DeFoe, Grier, and a plethora of Suits attacked them here, only to be defeated. But, in the battle, Sophie dropped a book that also led the Organization to Metagolem as well. S1E02

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