Holotome Profile: Venomaster
Base Stats
Attack 3
Defense 3
Type Swara-Titan Warrior
Special Ability Durable Leather
Series Information
Users Hoffman
Kiel (Season 2 Trailer)
First Appearance "Doorway to Huntik"
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Venomaster is a cobra-like Swara-Titan that epitomizes the legends of reptile men. Carrying a resistant and flexible snake-tail whip made from his own skin, Venomaster is both an adept close combat fighter and ranged attacker, spitting cobra venom at its enemies. This Titan is commonly used by Wilder's Suits alongside Gigadrone.


Venomaster was used by Organization Suits under the command of Wilder in an attempt to stop the Huntik team under Dante Vale from uncovering information on Eathon Lambert but was defeated by Caliban and Raijin the Thunderbolt. S2E27

Venomaster was summoned by one of Wilder's Suit to attack Dante and his team. It then fought and was defeated by Sophie's Powerbonded Sabriel. S2E30

Venomaster was summoned to atttack Dante's Metagolem but was defeated when Lucas Casterwill and his team interfered. S2E31

Venomaster was used by a Suit to defeat Dante's Powerbonded Caliban. It fought along side Hoffman's Myrmidon but was defeated in combat. Later Hoffman attempted to summon Venomaster but he was stopped by Sophie Casterwill and Powerbonded Sabriel. S2E35


Venomaster can spit blasts of venom from his mouth like a spitting cobra, this venom is strong enough to even melt Caliban's sword. S2E27 He is a skilled fighter with a rattlesnake-tail blade to meet his enemies at greater distances which can whip or trip his foes S2E31 S2E35 or disarm his enemies of their weapons from a distance. S2E30 He also possesses an impressive deal of raw strength and agility, being fast enough to aptly dodge blows from Caliban S2E27 and Metagolem. S2E31


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  • His summoning command is "Poison Them."
  • Venomaster's design is that of an Ophidean, or snake man, which has turned up in popular culture every now and then, while his name comes from the words 'venom' and 'master'.
  • Venomaster seems to possess the cowl of a hooded cobra and the ability of a spitting cobra with his sword resembling the rattle of a rattle snake, both of which are highly venomous.
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