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Holotome Profile: Venomhand
S2E33 Zhalia Venomhand
Spell Information
Aura Green
Class Fist
Series Information
Users Organization members
First Appearance "The Vampire Loses its Fangs"
Venomhand is an offensive spell that creates a green aura of venom around the user's hand. This spell is often used by high-ranking members of the Organization. The spell can be deadly and is often used when eliminating enemies for good.


Venomhand was used by Zhalia Moon in the Castle of Vlad Dracul, almost using it to kill Lok Lambert and Sophie Casterwill, before she came to her senses. Klaus later used the spell fight Dante Vale, overpowering his Dragonfist spell. S1E17

Zhalia used this spell to attack Araknos during the team's final battle against the Professor. It proved ineffective however as Araknos was still able to fire his spider silk. S1E26

Stack tried to hit Shauna with the spell in Klaus' bookshop, but she was too quick even for him. S2E32

Zhalia used the spell to attack Tantras on the Erasmus Bridge. S2E33

Tantras used this spell to murder Stack in the Blood Spiral Base, teaching his students what the Blood Spiral did to spies. S2E36 In Great Rift Valley, Africa, Tantras tried to do the same to Zhalia Moon after discovering her true identity but he was stopped by her Powerbonding with Gareon, the pair subsequently erasing his memory. S2E39

In the Professor's castle, Wilder attempted to finish Den Fears for good with the spell but was interrupted by Grier. S2E46

Shauna attempted to use Venomhand to finish off White and Mallory but was defeated by Vivian Casterwill and Mythras. S2E51


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