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Proposed rename: Volcana Vulcana (Netflix subtitles diverge from the Ultimate Titans Sheet)
Holotome Profile: Volcana
Base Stats
Attack  ?
Defense  ?
Type Yama-Titan
Special Ability Flight
Series Information
Users Kiel
First Appearance "Zhalia's Mission"
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Volcana is a robed Yama-Titan whose body is composed of molten material and whose hair is made of fire. Gliding through the air with the utmost maneuverability, she is capable of controlling the element of fire. Volcana is the primary Titan of the explosive Blood Spiral fanatic, Kiel.


Volcana was invoked by Kiel to take on the Huntik team in Medusa's Cave, but she was stopped and neutralized by Lok Lambert's Dendras. However, when Marduk and the Casterwill Hunters arrived to help Kiel, Dendras was returned to his Amulet leaving Volcana free to fight. In the heat of battle, Volcana attacked Powerbonded Baselaird and the battle resulted in both of the two Titans being defeated. S2E35

Kiel summoned Volcana outside the Temple of Sun to attack Sophie Casterwill. After defeating Enfluxion, Volcana created a ring of fire around Sophie and Kiel. S2E38

Volcana was used by Kiel during the Blood Spiral attack on the Fortress of Iron Will. During the battle, she and Kiel watched over the Spiral army from the air before fighting against Dante Vale and Ariel. After defeating Ariel, she carried Kiel to the entrance of the Fortress where she worked alongside Balenpyre to attack Sophie. Volcana was then defeated by the newly Powerbonded Sorcerel. S2E40


Volcana is capable of controlling fire for her attacks and her assaults range from direct fireballs to creating rings of flames around her enemies. S2E38 Volcana's body is made out of fire so attacking her can be deadly enough to send a Titan as strong as Baselaird back to its Amulet. S2E35 Her ability to fly through the air at speed means she is capable of dodging attacks and fighting on equal ground with Ariel. S2E40


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  • Her summoning command is "Burn Everything."
  • Volcana's name is a feminized form of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and blacksmiths. Her name may also be a reference to Vulcano, volcanic island after which volcanos were named, which was in turn named after Vulcan.
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