Holotome Profile: Willblade
Artifact Information
Item Type Sword
Effects Energy Slash
Source Avalon
Series Information
User(s) Elder daughter of Casterwill
Lord Casterwill
Lok Lambert
Champion of Casterwill
First Appearance "Knight of the Willblade"
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The Willblade is a Legendary item of the Casterwill family. It contains the amulet of Pendragon in the center, which can be extracted only if the puzzle is completed. Lok Lambert pulled the Willblade out of a stone on Avalon island and bonded with the blade.


The Willblade was created by Lord Casterwill's eldest daughter, the first Lady of the Lake, in order to protect the Casterwill family against the Nullifiers when the Titans first came to Earth. S2E30 Under Casterwill's elder daughter, the amulet of Quetzalcoatl was sealed within the Willblade. Lord Casterwill used the Willblade to seal the Spiral Mark and to prevent the return of the Nullifiers. S2E50

Many years after this conflict, the Willblade was found and used by Lok, becoming his main weapon. S2E30 After Lok finds the Willblade, he is unable to recall what had happened in the castle when he summoned Pendragon. However, he did not feel a bond to the Legendary Titan within. S2E31

When Lok met with his father after falling into a gap between Earth and Huntik, Lord Casterwill appeared, knighting Lok and saying, "Arise, Lok Lambert." This allowed Pendragon to properly bond to Lok and then to be invoked. S2E48

However, Lok did not realise that the Willblade would activate the Spiral Mark, so it was activated when he struck it into the ground. S2E50

Later, Lok summoned Quetzalcoatl and placed it within the Willblade. With this, he defeated both the Betrayer and his Legendary Titan of Betrayal, Demigorgan. S2E52


S2E32 Lok Willblade attacks

The Willblade's Energy Slash

The Willblade's main power is to unleash a blade slash of energy at the enemies. It was also used to channel the power of the Legendary Titans, Pendragon and Quetzalcoatl. It could also activate the Spiral Mark of the Blood Spiral.

It seems able to ignore spells, as when Lok threw the Willblade at Wilder, it passed through the latter's Armorbrand with little resistance. Lok also used the Willblade to easily slice through the Sunlock placed upon Sophie by Lucas.


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  • The blade is based on Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur that was found embedded within stone.
  • A multicolored version of the Willblade appears in an episode of World of Winx, another series created by Iginio Straffi. Just like in Huntik, it extended through turning the handle.
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