"Words of Truth, Heart of Lies"
Season 1, Episode 3
S1E03 Defoe Suits Dante unconscious
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"The Casterwill Client"
"Into the River of Secrets"
Production Information
Air date UK: January 03, 2009
US: January 17, 2009
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Italian Title "Il Golem di Praga"
Series Information
Mission The Golem of Prague
Locations Prague, Czech Republic
Prague Huntik Hotel
Organization Central
Prague Central Cemetery
Road of Alchemists
Golem's Attic
New Information
Characters The Professor
Zhalia Moon
Titans Gareon
Spells Everfight
Items Holotome
Jodis Lore's Key
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Venice, Italy: Sophie Casterwill's house

Dante decides to teach Lok and Sophie the secrets of the Seekers, bringing them into the Huntik Foundation. Santiago, Sophie's bodyguard, is suspicious about Dante. Following Lok's father's clues, the Huntik team starts searching for the Amulet of Will, but slimy DeFoe and the Organization Suits lie in ambush.


Pursuing clues about Eathon Lambert and the Amulet of Will, Dante Vale, Lok Lambert, Sophie Casterwill, and Cherit head to Prague, Czech Republic. They are ambushed by the Organization but are assisted by the mysterious Zhalia Moon, who joins in the investigation of the golem. Though the Organization gain the key, the team is able to make a replica from an imprint. Lok manages to invoke Kipperin and allows Dante to bond with the hidden Titan, Metagolem. They also find Jodis Lore's notes, but are unable to decipher them.


The First Mission

In a hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, Dante Vale uses his Holotome to gain information about his, Lok Lambert, and Sophie Casterwill's first mission together, The Golem of Prague. Dante goes over a plan to find the tomb of Jodis Lore within the Prague Central Cemetery as Organization Suits lurking outside catch wind of their plans. Dante suggests using small and fast Titans such as Solwing and Sabriel.


On the streets outside, the mysterious Seeker, Zhalia Moon, removes and destroys an earpiece. She and her Titan, Gareon, enter the Prague Huntik Hotel where Dante, Lok, Sophie, and Cherit are under attack by Organization Suits and their Redcap Titans. With their help and that of her other Titan, Strix, Dante’s team wins the battle. Afterwards, Zhalia is introduced as the Huntik Foundation's new "lone wolf" Seeker. She says that she has heard that spies from the Organization have infiltrated the Huntik Foundation under orders from the Professor, the evil Seeker in charge of the Organization and who happens to be a man capable of mind manipulation. Seeing a potential parallel between this power and the Amulet of Will, Lok wonders if his father encountered the Professor.

The Golem's Tomb

As night falls, the heroes, including Zhalia, go to the Central Cemetery of Prague and find the secret entrance to Jodis Lore’s tomb. Following a clue in Eathon's journal and the golem myth, Sophie smears a handful of clay on Jodis Lore's tombstone and writes the symbol for 'truth' on it, as this symbol was said to have brought the golem to life in the myth. The tomb opens to reveal a secret stairway. Upon entering, Dante leaves several motion detectors to tell when Organization members would enter. In the next chamber, the team must get past a trap by only stepping on the lighter-colored clay bricks. Dante's motion detectors go off, and he goes back to find DeFoe and Grier. Running back to help him, Lok rashly forgets the nature of the chamber and sets off Jodis Lore's trap. Outnumbered, Dante fakes a fatal hit from a Poisonheat spell.

Jodis Lore's Chambers

DeFoe sends Kreutalk into the next chamber to retrieve Jodis Lore's Key and then leaves with Grier, not knowing that Cherit has stowed away on top of their vehicle. With fewer Organization operatives around, Dane uses Everfight to regain his strength and take out the remaining Suits. With Zhalia's help, Dante creates an imprint of the key, and the team heads to the Road of Alchemists for Dante to create a trap for the Organization. DeFoe and Grier enter, but Dante attacks as DeFoe tries to bond with the Metagolem Titan. Dante invokes Caliban while Zhalia invokes both Gareon and Kilthane. As the two battle DeFoe and Grier, Lok and Sophie enter with their own Titans, Freelancer and Sabriel. Lok, however, is so one-tracked that he ends up being knocked unconscious early on in the confrontation.


Upon gaining consciousness to see his friends in trouble, Lok uses Everfight and invokes Kipperin from his father's Amulet. Just as DeFoe thinks he's won, Lok flies in on Kipperin's wings to knock the Organization operative down. The time now ripe, Zhalia unleashes her camouflaged Gareon as Dante goes to a nearby jar to bond with Metagolem's Amulet. As Dante unleashes the power of his new Titan, DeFoe and his men retreat.

Hieroglyphic Notes

The heros return to Venice, Italy to study Jodis Lore’s coded notes about the Amulet of Will. However, in Organization Central in Prague, Czech Republic, the Professor reprimands DeFoe for compromising the acquisition of the Amulet of Will by losing Jodis Lore's notes.


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Titan Profiles

Titan Profile: Sabriel
Attack 3
Defense 2
Type Draco-Titan Warrior
Size Average
Special Ability Unaffected by Injury
Sabriel Icon

Titan Profile: Solwing
Attack 1
Defense 1
Type Krono-Titan Scout
Size Small
Special Ability Flight
Solwing Icon


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