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"Zhalia's Mission"
Season 2, Episode 35
Zhalia's Mission
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"The Legendary Titan of Fate"
"Boys Will Be Seekers"
Production Information
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Series Information
Mission Medusa's Trap
Locations Aegean Sea
New Information
Characters Casterwill Hunters
Titans Medusa
Spells Armorburn
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Paris, France
When the Ring of Arc vanishes, Lok, Dante, Sophie, and Zhalia head into the Catacombs to find it. However, the Ring is actually the Legendary Titan of Fate, Arc. She traps each Seeker inside a dream world they must escape. The Huntik team manages to defeat Arc, but Dante's dream leaves him worried about the future.


Stack attempts to join the Blood Spiral Brotherhood as part of The Organization's attempt to infiltrate it, offering show them where the Titan Medusa is as proof of his loyalty. Rassimov decides to send Kiel to get the ring, as he is poweful Seeker who can defeat the Organization even if it is a trap. The Huntik team takes a boat to the island, only to discover Wilder and other Organization members waiting on the beach. While the rest of the team fights them off, Zhalia tracks down Stack, who leads Kiel and some Blood Spiral members to a cave. She decides to report back to her team once she reaches the cave instead of infiltrating it. The team comes up with a plan to capture Kiel, but, when they execute it, it is ruined by Blood Spiral members inside the cave that the team didn't know about. Zhalia's confidence is shaken by the realization her failure to use her skills as a spy is what caused the team to be endangered. She comes to the conclusion that to defeat the Blood Spiral each of the team will have to focus on what they do best, and as she is a best at being a spy, for her that means infiltrating the Blood Spiral Brotherhood. She arranges to contact the Huntik team while she is acting as a double agent using a journal that has been connected by Logosbook spell to one that she gives to Dante, which will allow Dante to read in his journal what she writes in her journal, then says her goodbyes to the team.


At the base of the Blood Spiral Brotherhood, Rassimov reports to the Betrayer, who can be seen sitting on a throne at the top of some stairs. Molten grey liquid overflows from cauldrons on either side of the Betrayer and flows down the stairs towards Rassimov. Rassimov glows with power and cries out in pain, during which the Betrayer apparently speaks to him, asking that he increase the number of Blood Spiral members. Rassimov agrees. He is then interrupted by Shauna, Wind, Tantras, and Kiel, who tell him that Stack wishes to join the Brotherhood. Rassimov at first commands them to destroy Stack, but changes mind upon hearing that Stack will give them the Titan Medusa as proof of his allegiance. Tantras suggests sending Kiel, as he is powerful enough that he can defeat the Organization even if it is a trap, and Rassimov agrees


GTitan Profiles

Titan Profile: Medusa
Attack 3
Defense 3
Type Krono-Titan Sorcerer
Size Large
Special Ability Stonegaze
Medusa Icon


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